Grosvenor Gallery

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"Iranian themes had come to possess the very fibre of my being and haunted my thoughts.
Parviz Tanavoli.
For the 2021 London Original Print far we will be exhibiting the work of one of Iran’s most important artists; Parviz Tanavoli. The exhibition features a number of screenprints produced by Tanavoli in Tehran in 1974. The Artist then commissioned rural weavers in Iran to reproduce the images as rugs and carpets, allowing the craftsmen a degree of freedom to change colours and design details according to their own artistic sensibilities. Locks, nightingales, cages, lions, lovers and poets are subjects explored in Tanavoli’s vivid and fantastically coloured works, inspired by Iranian folklore, mysticism and religious stories. Known as one of the foremost contemporary Iranian artists and a pioneed of sculpture in the region, this series marks a fascinating chapter in his career. Our exhibition ‘Parviz Tanavoli, 1970s Prints’ takes place at the gallery from 26 April – 8 May 2021.


Also included in the online viewing room are examples of print-work by one of the gallery’s artists Olivia Fraser (b.1965). Following her induction into Indian miniature painting in a traditional Jaipur atelier, Fraser’s focus shifted from painting the world around her and her art evolved to depict the journey from a physical landscape towards a metaphysical one. Trained by her Jaipuri gurus, she learned to grind and mix mineral pigments to their correct consistency and paint with the delicate squirrel hair brush. Having been influenced by yoga and Nathdwara pichwai paintings in recent years, Olivia has been exploring its visual language, honing it down to create one of her own.