Galerie Martinez D. - Paris


Founded in 1992, the Galerie Martinez D. offers a wide selection of old and modern prints from the 16th to 20h centuries; French, Italian and Northern schools. Martinez D. entity, it’s two Parisian Galleries located in the 6th and 9th area of Paris, a rich and important selection of works by Old Masters, famous and less famous artists until our days. We are offering a wide range of nearly 6000 prints through the great display that is our website. Twice a year the gallery is also presenting a catalog. We are also offering custom research and consulting services to our clients. We are delighted to be able to offer you today a fine selection of particular and eclectic works which represent the diversity of prints that our galery presents.
Each of these prints are significant of the uses and artistic evolutions of its time due to its technique, subject, or historical context. We hope that this set, a beautiful panorama of eras, styles and subjects, will be able to subjugate all lovers and collectors of prints.