Zuleika Gallery


We are presenting three bodies of work at the LOPF by Rachel Gracey R.E., Trevor Sutton and Nicola Green.
Gracey's series The Pacific Coast was completed over a two year period from 2017-19 and is the culmination of her travels to California in 2017. 
Trevor Sutton is an artist of international reputation who is committed to abstraction. We present here a body of work that spans a period from 2008-15. The grid is an important feature in Sutton's paintings, and it is the same with his prints where it features as a starting point in nearly all of them. While music remains a strong influence, physical associations also often underpin Sutton's work, and the ultimate aim is always to achieve a visual poetry. Formally the prints refer to a reductive abstract language, often in tandem with what is happening in Sutton's paintings. 

We are delighted to be presenting Nicola Green: In Seven Days…The Unique Prints here at the London Original Print Fair. This unique body of work is seen together for the very first time and relates to when the artist Nicola Green witnessed, first-hand, Barack Obama’s meteoric ascent to power as the first African-American President of the United States. Please click on a work to enquire. To see the spotlight exhibition please click here.