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LITO Editions

Founded in 2022, LITO is an innovative printmaking company and art publisher on a mission to widen access to art through new, pioneering technologies.  Based in Bregenz, Austria, LITO and the LITO Technology Lab have developed state-of-the-art and patented technology to create multiples of original artworks with extreme precision and of unparalleled quality. Using its Hi-Rnd© proprietary technology, LITO conceives textures, colours and effects on paintings, such as reliefs and gloss or wax brushstrokes at multiple scales. Working with this unique technology, LITO commissions leading contemporary artists to imagine original artworks, which are then rendered and developed to limited editions at the LITO Technology Lab. Created in close collaboration with the artist, each edition is personally hand-signed and numbered by the artist and reflects both the artist’s vision and the expertise of LITO’s engineering team. To date, LITO has collaborated with Douglas Gordon, Erwin Wurm, Wang Guangle, Jia Aili, Alexandre Arrechea, Collin Sekajugo and Peter Halley.