London Original Print Fair

London's longest-running art fair held at the Royal Academy of Arts, the London Original Print Fair offers an opportunity to buy and view works from all periods of printmaking: from the earliest woodcuts of Dürer, to the latest editions by contemporary masters. The intimate, boutique Fair provides a friendly atmosphere for both budding collectors and seasoned print enthusiasts to engage with dealers and artists.


"Our Fair allows access to a hidden world. For all their wall-power and popularity, prints are not routinely displayed in public galleries and museums, save in dedicated exhibitions. Few dealers or publishers have street-level galleries, and printmaking studios are seldom to be found on the high street. So our annual event brings together a disparate international community, so that visitors can experience every aspect of the print world. The elegant galleries of the Royal Academy of Arts provide the finest backdrop for the Fair. It is thus an institution which has played an important part in the current renaissance of printmaking."

- Gordon Cooke, Chairman