Cristea Roberts Gallery


For this month's online viewing room, we are delighted to present a selection of prints from Patrick Caulfield's series 'Some Poems of Jules Laforgue', 1973.


“Patrick regarded printmaking as an essentially simple and direct medium. One of the first body of works I encountered upon arriving at Waddington’s was Patrick’s illustrations to poems by the late nineteenth century poet, Jules Laforgue. To my mind this book of twenty-two screenprints (some of which are illustrated below) ranks as one of the most successful and felicitous marriages of text and image in the twentieth century. Laforgue’s witty, ironical and melancholy insights into the significance of mundane, everyday objects, as he moves easily back and forth between reality and reverie, find an almost uncanny parallel in Caulfield’s attitude to life and art a century later.”  Alan Cristea



  • The images I produced are complimentary images, not illustrations. Some of the connections are a bit tenuous, others are obvious. I tried to imagine what Laforgue might have been looking at when he thought of the poems, knowing, of course, that certain of the images are totally of another period to Laforgue’s lifetime: poetic licence with poetic licence.
    Patrick Caulfield on the series Some Poems of Jules Laforgue, 1973