Pratt Contemporary was founded in 1977 as a fine art printing and publishing studio and has evolved through a multitude of different activities including sculpture, painting and drawing. In 1987 Pratt Contemporary was the first print studio invited to exhibit at the London Original Print Fair.


Since 1994 Pratt Contemporary has been a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA), a non-profit organisation of leading art dealers, galleries and publishers with expertise in the field of fine prints, and is a regular exhibitor at the organisation's annual Print Fair in New York City.


The Studio continues to collaborate with artists, presenting exhibitions of their work in the UK and abroad. Facilities for screenprint, intaglio, relief and digital printmaking. Master printers Bernard Pratt and Martin Saull each specialise in a particular process, with a shared expertise across the mediums. Working in close collaboration with a master printer, artists are given time to explore and experiment with the various printmaking techniques.


Pratt Contemporary
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