Hanga Ten


Hanga Ten is pleased to exhibit the works of seven Japanese printmakers from the printmaking techniques of mezzotint, woodblock, lithograph and etching. This exemplifies the diverse methods used by contemporary Japanese printmakers. We introduce the newest works of woodblock master Kazuyuki Ohtsu, as well as rare works by Ray Morimura. Of special focus are the works of master mezzotint printmaker Katsunori Hamanishi with his "Fireworks" Series, and Daniel Kelly's newest lockdown print  Series, "Turbulence", "Reddie Freddie",  and "Whirlpool".  Chika Osaka, winner of last year's Jerwood Printmaking Today Prize, returns with four new lithographs. We also highlight the rare lithographs of internationally acclaimed calligrapher, Toko Shinoda, and a rare etchings by Ryohei Tanaka.