Awards at the Fair


As part of our ongoing commitment to the print medium, the London Original Print Fair presents a series of prizes and initiatives each year to support future printmaking and to promote new acquisitions for public print collections. These include: the Hallett Independent Acquisitions Award, which enables a museum or gallery to acquire an original print (or prints) for their collection; the Jerwood Printmaking Today Prizeopen to artists within the first 10 years of their printmaking practice who demonstrate a deep understanding of the medium or a fresh approach to printmaking; the Jerwood London Original Print Fair Prize, awarded to an artist, working in any print medium, exhibiting in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition; the Jealous Prize, a residency awarded annually to a small number of MA graduates from London’s major art colleges; and the MARA LOPF NOW Prize, awarded to one student from the RA Schools working in print.