Stand S2

Paul Stolper Gallery

Paul Stolper Gallery presents new to the gallery in 2024 Lauren Bryden and Petra Börner. Lauren’s work takes on figurative, abstract and ‘still’ forms, holding a tenderness towards the subject, reimagined with a joyful use of colour. Petra Börner has a great passion for the line, and through drawing, painting, printing, and sculpting she often references natural themes in her work. Susie Hamilton, who will be giving a talk during the Fair will exhibit unique monotypes reimagining scenes from Arctic expeditions including those of her father August Courtauld. New optically illusionistic lenticulars by Brian Eno join our presentation alongside Peter Doig’s Brixton Ritzy, where a percentage of the profits from sales for Doig’s work will go towards The George Padmore Institute. We will also be exhibiting works by Damien Hirst, Peter Saville, and Gavin Turk.