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Eames Fine Art

Founders of Eames Fine Art, Rebecca and Vincent Eames, set up their own business as private art dealers in 2004. Originally the business was named The Fine Art Partnership but, in 2013, this was incorporated by Eames Fine Art to coincide with the opening of their first new gallery on Bermondsey Street in central London.  In 2019 Eames Fine Art opened its second public gallery: The Print Room, also on Bermondsey Street.  Together with the Eames Fine Art Collectors' Studio, just a short walk from the two galleries, these three venues bring together master printmakers, and contemporary artists specialising on works on paper. Eames Fine Art offers regular new exhibitions, private viewings, collectors' evenings and artists' talks; providing both serious print collectors and new art enthusiasts a wonderful and varied programme of events and an excellent selection of first class artworks on paper. 
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    Eames Fine Art Gallery
    58 Bermondsey Street
    London SE1 3UD

    Eames Fine Art Print Room
    159 Bermondsey Street
    London SE1 3UW

    Eames Fine Art Studio
    54 - 58 Tanner Street
    London SE1 3PH


    T: +44 (0) 207 407 1025